About Us



I learned how to sew while attending Mandarin High School. There were 2 teachers that inspired me beyond what words can express, Helen Covington and Sue Chang. Both were very knowledgeable, patient, and had personalities you just couldn’t help falling in love with. I started creating things that were not even part of the Fashion Production curriculum. We were required to make a pillow, an apron, a purse, and a mini square patch quilt. I ended up making about 5 aprons(lined), 8 purses,a sundress, a watermelon quilt, and my prom dress which was entered in a contest at Joann’s fabric. Once I learned I could not stop myself, It got to the point where most of my friends were out having a good time being crazy teenagers and I was at home on Friday night sewing my outfit for church that following Sunday! It became my passion and I knew that someday I would do something with the passion Sue and Helen had shared with me.  We have now been in business since 2009 and have big plans for the future!