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Frequently asked Questions

1.) How long does it take to receive my apron?

we ship within 3 days of placing the ordered please note in the months October to December orders may take longer due to high volumes. We use USPS and normally gets to you within 2 business days.

2.) Will it fit Me?

We make a one size fits most that generally fits a size 16 pants waist. For anything above a 16 we have an Extra Large size.

3.) Can I custom order an apron?

YES ! most of our cutest designs have come from customers wanting something different. Recent requests have been, flamingos, poker chips, and ladybugs. To custom order, go to our contact us page and be sure to specify what you are looking for. We will then call and email you a picture with different options in the genre you listed.

4.) How is the apron 3-WAY?

So glad you asked! this is my original design, patent pending. Each apron on this site is capable of turning into a half apron, full apron and a purse! We put the directions in the pocket of each apron. See facebook page for video tutorial. “YoYo Girl Aprons”